“Superstore” on Strike: Level 3

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Watch the video a few times, then try the quiz! You can read the text below the video for help.

1. Watch the video

2. Read the text

-Okay, so why don’t you guys just tell me what you want?
-What we want is for Glenn to be rehired as Store Manager.

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-I would sooner slit my throat and Jeff’s throat before I’d let that happen.
-Dina, if… if you’re gonna be here, I just need you to observe.
-Ah, Assistant Manager style. I got it.
-So I am authorized to rehire Glenn.
-Really? Well, that’s… that’s great.
-Fantastic news, Jeff. Thanks.
-Corporate is just asking that you and the rest of the employees sign here. Then everybody can get back to work, and I can go home, which is a relief ’cause they’ve got me in a motel out by the airport. It says, “continental breakfast,” but it’s, like, cereal and toast. I’m like, “I can make that at home.”
-Not even a muffin?
-I didn’t look. I was running late.
-I’m sorry, excuse me. This is an apology letter. Are you asking us to apologize for walking out?
-I know it’s annoying, but you’re gonna have to give Corporate a little something.
-Oh. We’re supposed to give Corporate a little something. That’s hilarious because you fired our boss for giving Cheyenne maternity leave. You don’t give us overtime. You don’t give us health insurance, and we’re not allowed to vape in the store. Myrtle’s got a…
-Maybe not as high up on the priority list.
-Okay, can I offer some advice? You guys walked out with no planning. You have no experience. I can see the tag on your sleeve. My point is you’re just in way over your heads. So sign the letter. Say thank you. And then don’t do anything you’re gonna regret.
-We are on strike!

3. Take the quiz

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