Conversations in English: Call customer service

Looking for more opportunities to practice English? Luckily, they are all around you!

It can be scary to speak English on the phone, especially with places like banks and hospitals. Your task today is to practice in a situation where it doesn’t really matter: calling customer service for a company.

  1. Choose a store or product that you like, or don’t like.
  2. Go to their website, and look for “Contact Us”
  3. Dial the number.
  4. Follow the instructions, or ask to speak to a customer service representative.
  5. Tell the person what you do or don’t like about the company.

For example, I want to tell Walgreens that their check-out lines are too long. I went to, and found a link “Contact Us” at the bottom. I called the number, and pressed 0 to speak to a customer service representative. I had a conversation in English, and hung up. That’s all! Now, when I have to call a company for real, I’ll be less nervous.