Editorial Policies

Ethics Policy

Revolution English is a nonprofit organization that provides independent reporting and commentary on issues that impact immigrants in the United States. With more than 1 million subscribers, we are working to build the largest digital community of immigrants in the U.S. We focus on the issues that most directly impact our community, including immigration, health care, education, and foreign policy. We were founded in 2015 to provide reliable news, information, and educational resources for immigrants in the United States. In both our reporting and our commentary, we value accuracy, present facts fairly, and aim to provide news coverage that is reflective of and relevant to our community.

Fact-Checking Policy

Revolution English writers, reporters, and partners use their discretion to conduct their own fact-checking, as guided by our ethics policy. They independently verify all facts in their stories, with the understanding that the news and information we share has a direct impact on our community.

Corrections Policy

In the event of substantive errors to our original reporting, we will change the piece and note the correction (and the reason for it) at the end of the article. In the case of larger alterations to a piece, which may fundamentally change the story, we will add an editor’s note to the top of the article, explaining the change (and the reason for it).

Ownership and Funding Information

Revolution English is a nonprofit news media organization that exists to serve the interests of immigrants in the United States, particularly those with lower incomes. Our critical coverage of news, information, and resources available to this community is made possible by the generous support of our subscribers. We also receive support from a limited number of mission-aligned foundations, including the Four Freedom Funds Technology Media Initiative.