Do It Yourself: Level 3

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Watch this short clip from the TV show Modern Family. The dad, Phil, decides he is going to fix the clothes dryer by himself. After you watch it a few times and read the text, take a quiz!

1. Watch the video

2. Read the text

– Okay. Screwdriver? … Oh, no. Backup screwdriver.
– I come from a long line of handy men. My dad used to fix everything… lawnmowers, cars, our cat. So it made sense that I tackled the clothes dryer after the repair guy tried to rip me off.
– I’m not paying $350 for a moisture sensor that costs $28. I’ll fix it myself.

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– It’s a complicated job. You know what I did back in Russia?
– Yeah, yeah, I know. You were a doctor or a scientist.
– I fixed dryers.
– Oh.
– I’ve been doing this a long time is my point.
– Well, Yuri, Phil Dunphy is no pushover. I’m afraid it’s a hard nyet.

– I guess these are clean enough.
– I’ll have this thing running in no time, honey. I have an instructional video, and I’m labeling each part as I take it out. “Right-back corner. Tiny elbow-y thingy. My right. Dryer left.”
– Can’t you do this somewhere else?
– Whoa!
– I know. Pretty intense, huh? Now I just grab the sensor and put it… Oh, a little linty. I probably should have emptied… Aah! Are the parts okay?
– Yeah, they’re fine.
– Oh, thank God. I don’t know… Ow!

3. Take the quiz

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