Fixing a Home: Level 3

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This video clip is from the TV show Flip or Flop. The couple is in the business of buying old houses, fixing them, and selling them again. Watch as they inspect a house, then take a vocabulary quiz. Read the text if you need help – they talk quickly!

1. Watch the video

2. Read the text

– What’s up guys?
– Hey, how’s it going?
– Good. What’d you guys think of the neighborhood?
– Love it. So cute.
– How much did you pay for it again?
– 410
– So the outside’s not bad, the patio’s good, needs landscaping, roof looks kind of alright.

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– Well it’s definitely historic. Look at these ceilings.
– What the heck? This is not what I was expecting
– The floors, we need to patch them.
– Put laminate on them.
– No way. There’s no way we can do laminate.
– What’s on the other side of this wall is my question. Because this should actually be much bigger
– It’s a sad, little makeshift wall.
– Yeah, I know
– I think this was a bedroom on this side?
– Well, so, this would be all open and it would be one huge family room?
– Man, this is a huge kitchen for this size house
– It’s weird though … I mean
– Weird layout
– Tell me we’re allowed to replace the cabinets and we’re not restoring them
– It’s better if we restore them but I’m with you on redoing them
– We just have to make them look like they’ve been here for 100 years
– So this is the main bath for the other two bedrooms, so we have to make it more comfortable. Vanity, countertop space…
– Yeah. Just completely redo it.
– Come check out the master.
– Oh wow. Look at how big this is.
– Oh wow.
– Original windows, cool cross pattern on it.
– Yeah, houses from this era never have a master this big, ever.
– Man, look at the size of this master bathroom!
– Holy crap!
– Oh look, even has vaulted ceilings.
– Wow, this shower is huge! Are you kidding me?
– So, I already own the house. I would need to know if you guys are in.
– Okay. So here’s what I have to do. I have to call my contractor, have him come out and inspect the property, not only cosmetic but structural. It’s an old house, and I can make a decision then.

3. Take the quiz

Match each word to the correct picture

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