Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive English lessons from Revolution English?

We send 1-2 lessons on Facebook Messenger every day- for free.

Click here to start now, with Facebook Messenger:

We can also send text messages or emails. If you choose text messages, the same rates you pay to receive other messages will apply to our messages.

I don’t want to receive any more lessons, how can I stop receiving messages?

To stop receiving messages, click here:

You can also click on “Menu” in our messaging app and then click “Manage Messages” where you can select to stop receiving all messages/classes.

How much do the English classes cost?

Revolution English is a non-profit that offers free English lessons. Our program sends 1-2 free lessons every day.

How do the lessons work?

Each lesson has three levels. From Messenger, you can choose:

Level 1: Vocabulary
Level 2: Fill in the phrases
Level 3: A short quiz with video

Pink buttons (“Next” & “Previous”) are located at the end of each page to take you to the next level.

Some of our lessons have audio. Practice reading the phrases out loud and repeating the words in the videos. Practice repeatedly to see results.

I do not speak Spanish, can I get lessons in my native language?

We are delighted to know you learn English through Revolution English! At the moment we only offer translations from English to Spanish. We are aware that many of our students speak other languages and we hope to offer translations in other languages soon.

In the meantime, we recommend you use Google translate and Linguee to look up any words from English to your native language.

I can’t access the lesson, what is wrong?

We recommend that you are connected to high-speed internet connection. Give the lesson a couple of seconds to load images and the rest of the page.

If the problem continues, send us a screenshot of the lesson or name of it to We will take a closer look at the problem.

Where can I see lessons with pronunciation?

Some of our lessons have pronunciation. Click here to study lessons with pronunciation:

Where can I see more lessons?

Click here for more lessons:

Grammar lessons:

I have received calls from an English program charging me money, promising books, DVDs, and tablets that I have not received. Is this Revolution English?

Revolution English does not call our students to sell products. All our lessons are through Facebook Messenger and text.If you are called to make a purchase, please ask for the name of the program and email us at We will look into the matter.

Where is Revolution English located?

We are currently based in the United States with students all over the world.

I have a question about learning English, can I call Revolution English?

Thank you for your interest in Revolution English! At the moment, most of our communication is through emails. If you have any questions or comments, send us an email to

I don’t speak Spanish, but I am receiving messages in Spanish. How can I receive messages in English?

If you want to start receiving messages in English, please click here:

You don’t see an answer to your question or you have issues with a lesson? Send us an email to