Giving Blood: Level 3

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Watch the video a few times, and read the text below if you need help. Then take a quiz!

1. Watch the video

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2. Read the text

– I am about to give blood. The gift of everlasting life. The transfer of my bodily fluids, no … Wow! That’s a big needle.
– You’re gonna need to lie down over here.
– Okay. Hello.
– Hi, I can’t talk right now. I’m sorry.
– Oh, okay.
– I’m really nervous.


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– Yeah. Me,too.
– Yeah? When I get nervous I sort of clam up and…
– Oh, well, that’s fine.
– It’s better for me just to be quiet.
– Yeah.
– Can I point something out to you?
– Sure.
– You’re actually talking a lot.
_ Yeah? Sorry,that’s the other thing I do when I get really nervous.
– Okay. Here we go.
– All right, here we go.
– Oh, god.
– Just relax.
– Yep, I’m good.


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