“Jane the Virgin” at Work: Level 3

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Watch the video a few times, then try the quiz! You can read the text below the video for help.

1. Watch the video

2. Read the text

-What’s wrong? Oh, my God, I knew it. I had a bad feeling.
-I just heard from housekeeping Carla, who’s dating that bellboy whose sister works in HR, that people are getting fired. Like, a lot of people.
-During a hurricane?!

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-Oh! Jane, Jane, Jane, come here.
-Sorry, I was just changing. I’ve been looking for you guys.
-Frankie heard cuts are coming. Will you ask Rafael if it’s true and who’s getting fired?
-Oh, I-I don’t think that’s a good idea.
-Oh, please, Jane? I need this job. I drink for free, and it’s so close to my gym.
-Yeah, I don’t think I can use that argument with Rafael.
-Why? I-I don’t want to take advantage of our relationship.
-Come on, Jane. I just moved into a new place. If I can’t pay rent, I will literally be homeless.
-You guys, it’s fine. Don’t pressure her.
-We just need a heads up.
-Okay. All right. I’ll talk to him. But he’s been busy, so I-I’ll just wait till I see him later.
-Okay, well, he’s over there talking to your ex-fiancé, right there.

3. Take the quiz

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