Listen and Repeat: Accents and Star Wars

Does your accent make you nervous about speaking to people in English?

You are not alone. Many English language learners who have accents are nervous about using their English.

Actor Diego Luna did not hide his Mexican accent in the movie Star Wars.

Here’s a clip:

Diego Luna talked with Ellen about being a Mexican actor in Star Wars. Watch and repeat these clips, then watch the full interview.

Repeat: “Come on!” This phrase is used when you can’t believe something.

Repeat, “I can’t believe that’s me.”

Repeat, “Because I am a huge fan.” A “fan” is someone who admires the actor or movie.

One fan wrote to Diego, “For all of us who have an accent when speaking English, thanks and congratulations.”

Ready for a challenge? Watch the full interview:

So don’t be nervous about your accent! Speak loud and proud 🙂