Review: Our first two weeks

We’ve done a lot these past two weeks! We learned how to turn on Closed Captions and repeat the TV or video out loud. We also practiced with a lot of videos and songs. Which was your favorite?

To review:

1. Did you like “A Grandmother’s Story?” Find more at Storycorps Youtube Channel.

2.  Did you practice “Listen and Repeat” with Star Wars? Practice with more movies at Movieclips Youtube Channel.

3.  Did you like learning how Jimmy Cali used the internet to learn English? Here’s another great video about learning languages.

4.  We found two new TV shows. If you like action movies, did you watch 24? (I recommend watching full episodes on a computer, because you can turn on closed captions).

5.  If you like comedy, the talk show The Ellen Show is for you. Here’s Ellen’s Youtube Channel.

6.  We sang a great song called “Yellow Lemon Tree.” Here’s another by the same band: Nothing by Fool’s Garden.

7.  And, we used recipes in English to cook dinner. My Nguyen shared this delicious chicken soup recipe for us to try:

8.  Finally, we switched our phone languages to English. If you haven’t done it yet, ask a friend for help!

Remember, you can always reply to my message or email me at if you have a comment or need help. Steve and Eli will be joining your class again next Monday or Tuesday to help you start more conversations in English. I’m sorry I can’t be there too! Have fun with it!