Taking Care of Yourself: Level 3

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Watch the video a few times. Read the text if you need help. Then, try the quiz!

1. Watch the video

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2. Read the text

– Maybe Wednesday?
– No, because that’s when the new neighbors started with their band practice, so she was up all night and slept all day.
– Sunday?
– No. Because I prayed for it in church and it didn’t happen.
– I’m telling you. Saturday. That was her last shower.

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– Wow. So that’s, like, a full seven days.
– She’s finished. Go.
– Hey… it’s daddy time!
– And you need some mommy time. Why don’t you hop in the shower?
– Oh, yeah, but I was gonna clean up a little bit first.
– Don’t be silly! We’ll do it.
– Let’s just take that off.
– Oh, a nice hot shower? I’m so jealous.
– Yeah, go on, get in there.
– Okay, then. Guess I’ll take a shower.
– Might as well.
– Hey, just checking in. Coffee for…
– Me! For me. Uh, Michael, Jane is about to jump in the shower.
– Great. Coffee for Rogelio. Jane, enjoy your shower.
– You know what? I’m exhausted. I’m just gonna take a nap instead.

3. Take the quiz

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