Watching “Superstore”: Level 3

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Watch the video a few times, then try the quiz! You can read the text below the video for help.

1. Watch the video

2. Read the text

– So we’re we’re not sure if it’s the same raccoon, or a cousin, or just a brand-new raccoon. Does anyone have any questions about the raccoon? Jonah.
– Yeah, I have a question about the layoffs.
– Whoa, wait. There’s layoffs? When did this happen?

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– We found out at Cheyenne’s wedding. So when are your testicles gonna drop so you’ll tell us…
– Hold up! Follow up question Why wasn’t I invited to your wedding? We were keeping it small.
– It was nice though.
– Thanks.
– Who are you?
– Alisha. I started last week.
– Oh! Glenn, why don’t you just tell everybody who’s getting laid off.
– Yeah, we want to know now.
– I don’t know. But but I have until the end of the day to decide. So in the meantime, a few words about firework safety.
– No one cares about firework safety!
– Exactly!
– Glenn, it’s not fair to make everyone wait until the end of the day.
– Okay, I’ll I’ll tell you as soon as I decide, but in the meantime, let’s just try and forget it, and have a nice, normal day. No, in fact, let’s have the best day ever! Okay? ‘Cause for six of you, it’s gonna be your last.
– The longer you drag out this decision, the worse it’s gonna be for everyone.
– I know, it’s … I love all these people.
– Hey you just take all the time you need, okay?
– I haven’t slept since yesterday
– No!
– Yeah. I can’t even eat. Do either of you want some of Jerusha’s banana bread? ‘Cause I can’t finish my morning loaf.
– No, thank you.
– I would love some.
– Mm-hmm.
– Look, Glenn, if you really care about these people, then don’t make them wait all day without knowing. Just rip off the Band-Aid.
– Is that cinnamon I’m tasting?
– Taco mix.
– Huh.
– Amy, it’s so hard. I mean, how do I fire six associates?
– Wait! Six associates? This doesn’t affect management?
– Oh, no, no. You guys are fine.

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