The Revolution English Solution

Blending Technology Coaching to Accelerate Learning

Through language immersion strategies, online coaching, and technology, Revolution English offers a new way for immigrants to learn English that will help them excel in the workplace.

A Proven Strategy for Language Acquisition

Studies highlighted by the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition show that immersion proved itself to be the most successful language program model available.

Built by Nonprofits

Created with the support of the Kellogg Foundation and Accelerate Change as a service to empower immigrants in their workplace with low-barrier English language acquisition and assist employers to provide support for their
incumbent immigrant workforce.

Our Solution

  • We provide training for HR staff to implement RE English learning technology at their work site and motivate students to learn English at their own speed and on their own time to improve their workplace English.
  • We send students engaging content weekly including videos, exercises, and quizzes using Facebook Messenger on their phones (proven technology students already use actively). We also follow up, motivate, and keep student accountable to the program goals.
  • We eliminate barriers to students taking classes, creating a way for busy employees to study on the bus, on their break, or at home.

Easy Plug & Play Setup for Employers

We facilitate all of the daily contact with students, produce and update all program records, and administer our technology tools. Students sign up online or in a cohort through your HR department.

A Focus on Active Learning

We encourage students to engage in real-world conversations with English speakers in their workplaces, communities, and homes. We also encourage students to practice English through engaging videos, music, short readings, and other authentic language sources related to the topics they need to excel in their workplace while keeping them accountable and coaching them through the program.

Outstanding Results

  • Students engage in English practice 2 hours
    and 18 minutes per day, consistently for 2+
  • 92% of surveyed students said that the
    program made them feel more confident
    speaking English
  • 95% of surveyed students asked to keep
    receiving Revolution English text messages
    and emails after their class ended


My favorite part was that you give a lot ideas like watching TV on CC and promise to our self that we are going to speak English outside. I like everything about you guys.

RE Learner

I learned quickly. The program helped me use the opportunities all around me to practice English every day.

RE Learner

What was valuable for my students: the self-reflective task of having to self-monitor one’s own language input and output outside of a class.


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