At the Office – Level 1

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1. Learn new words

Today we are going to learn about common words that are used in the office and that can help you in your job.

Hoy vamos a aprender sobre palabras comunes que se utilizan en la oficina y que le pueden ayudar en su trabajo.

Read the word and use the play ▶ button to hear the pronunciation.

Lea la palabra y use el botón de PLAY ▶ para escuchar la pronunciación.

PEN: an instrument made of plastic or metal used for writing ink pen and ink

NOTEBOOK: a small book of plain paper for writing notes in

ERASER: a small piece of rubber or a similar substance, used for removing pencil marks from paper

PENCIL: a narrow piece of wood used for writing

RULERS: a straight strip of wood, plastic or metal, marked in centimeters or inches

COMPUTER: an electronic machine that can store, organize and find information, do calculations, etc