Learn to Relaunch your Career in the US – Level 1

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1. Learn new words

Today we are going to learn about the story of Ika Akiyeva, Founder of Femigrants, a global community of diverse female immigrants.

Hoy vamos a aprender sobre la historia de Ika Akiyeva, fundadora de Femigrants, una comunidad global de mujeres inmigrantes.

Read the word and use the play ▶ button to hear the pronunciation.

Lea la palabra y use el botón de PLAY ▶ para escuchar la pronunciación.

HIRE: employ someone for wages.

JOB MARKET: the number of jobs that are available for workers.

CAREER: a job that someone does for a long time.

LAUNCH: start an activity or enterprise.

NETWORKING: the exchange of information or services with individuals to develop professional or social contacts.

BUSINESS: the activity of making, buying, selling or supplying goods or services for money.