Life in the U.S.

Ordering Coffee- Level 1

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1. Learn new words

Today we are going to learn about how to order coffee in English.

Hoy vamos a aprender sobre cómo pedir un café en inglés.

Read the word and use the play ▶ button to hear the pronunciation.

Lea la palabra y use el botón de PLAY ▶ para escuchar la pronunciación.

CREAM: a liquid or powder that you can put in coffee, etc. instead of cream or milk

RUN OUT: to use up or finish a supply of something

MILK: the white liquid produced by cows and other animals as food for their young and used by humans

TOAST: slices of bread that have been made brown and crisp by heating them on both sides in a toaster

JAM: a thick sweet substance made by boiling fruit with sugar, often sold in jars and spread on bread