Restaurant Job Interview – Level 1

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1. Learn new words

Today we are going to learn about best practices for interviewing for a restaurant job.

Hoy vamos a aprender sobre las mejores prácticas para una entrevista de trabajo en un restaurante.

Read the word and use the play ▶ button to hear the pronunciation.

Lea la palabra y use el botón de PLAY ▶ para escuchar la pronunciación.

MANAGER: a person who is in charge of running a business, a shop/store or a similar organization

APPLYING: to make a formal request, usually in writing, for something such as a job

RESUME: a written record of your education and the jobs you have done

EXPERIENCE: the knowledge and skill that you have gained through doing something for a period of time

GRAVEYARD: a period of time working at night or in the very early morning

COMPANY: a business organization that makes money by producing or selling goods or services