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Summer Travel Tips – Level 1

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1. Learn new words

Today we are going to learn about tips for summer travels.

Hoy vamos a aprender sobre algunos consejos para viajes de verano.

Read the word and use the play ▶ button to hear the pronunciation.

Lea la palabra y use el botón de PLAY ▶ para escuchar la pronunciación.

THEME PARK: a large park where people go to enjoy themselves, for example by riding on large machines

SITE: place connected to the internet, where a company, organization, or individual puts information

HOTEL: a building where people stay, usually for a short time, paying for their rooms and meals.

RATE: a fixed amount of money that is charged or paid for something

BOOK: to ask for a seat, table, room, etc. to be available for you or somebody else at a future time

SAVE: to keep money instead of spending it, especially in order to buy a particular thing