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Watch the video a few times, then try the quiz! You can read the text below the video for help.

1. Watch the video

2. Read the text

-Jack, Diane, I have cookies!
-Cookies! – Cookies!
-I have no cookies.
-Clean up this mess!
-One day you’re gonna say that, and we’re not gonna come.
-And you know what? That’s the day I’m actually gonna have cookies.
-That’s why she’s the mom.
-That’s right, that’s why I’m the mom.
-Listen, guys.
-I have another one on the way, and you need to step up your game.
-You got to pick up your clothes.
-Wet towels they go on the hook.
-Cap on.
-Soap in the soap dish.
-And rinse out the sink.
-Got it.
-Uh, should we also do the mirror? Yes.
-Spray and wipe it down.
-And don’t forget to wipe down the counter.
-We won’t.
-We won’t.

3. Take the quiz

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