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What is Gentrification? – Level 3

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Today we will learn about gentrification. Use these words to talk to your co-workers, classmates, or new friends about this topic! Having conversations in English may be scary at first, but it is a great way to practice your English and get to know people better.

1. Watch the video:

2. Read the text

Gentrification is the rebuilding or renovation of houses and buildings in a typically urban, low-income area by wealthier people and business.
For better or worse, gentrification changes the culture of a place.
… but bad for those who can’t afford it.
But local communities often move because the new developments increase the price of pretty much everything.
Anti-Gentrifiers believe its exploitative, disruptive and weakens ties within communities.

3. Take the quiz

Don’t be shy and practice saying these words and phrases to yourself, first. If you are meeting someone for the first time, introduce yourself.

This topic is only a suggestion. If talking to someone about social issues is hard to do, talk about something that is important to you or about something that interests you! It’s always easier to talk about something you are passionate about! Once the conversation is flowing, you’ll be surprised how much you have in common with people from different walks of life!

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