English Language

Job Interview – Level 3

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3. Watch the video:


  • 3. Read the text:

    I’m Louis Bloom.
    -Oh, hey Lou.
    -Louis. Sit down.
    -The situation is that I lost an employee and I’m interviewing for a replacement.
    -Okay, the ad didn’t say what the job was.
    -It’s a fine opportunity for some lucky someone.
    -I’d like to know about your prior employment and hear in your own words what you learned from each position.
    -My old jobs? I did landscaping for a couple months. Like, mow, blow and go. Uh… I learned that I had hay-fever so I quit.
    -Other jobs?
    -I don’t know, like a week here, week there.
    -Why hire you? Sell yourself.
    -Okay. Well, I’m Rick, of course. I took three buses to get here. I finished high school. I need a job. I’ll do pretty much anything. That’s me. Hire Rick.