Learn English Easily and at No Cost From Your Phone or Computer!

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If you have recently moved to the United States or want to make a change in your life and learn English, do not hesitate to do it. Learning English can help improve your quality of life in the U.S. and open many opportunities for you. However, we know it is not always easy to find the time or resources to learn a new language, so we created a list of resources where you can learn English for free — right from your phone or computer!

Next, we will answer some of the most common questions about how you can learn English for free:

  1. Why is it important to learn English? 
  2. How can I receive free English lessons? 
  3. What is Revolution English?
  4. How can I sign up to receive free English lessons through Facebook Messenger?
  5. How can I find Revolution English on social media?
  6. Where can I find additional resources to learn English for free?

Why is it important to learn English?

Having a basic or intermediate level of English can help you with many aspects of your life, including but not limited to the following: 

  1. U.S. Citizenship

Learning English is essential if one of your goals is to become a U.S. citizen.To become a citizen, you must pass an English test that determines how well you understand, speak, read and write English.

  1. Job Opportunities

Learning English is one of the most valuable skills immigrants can acquire after they arrive in the United States. A recent study revealed that immigrants who know English earned significantly more than those who do not speak the language. LearningEnglish can help you find work/better job opportunities to support your family. 

  1. Emergencies

Knowing English will help you to communicate in an emergency if no one is available to translate. For more information on the importance of learning English, click here.

How can I receive free English lessons?

Revolution English is a non-profit organization that offers free English lessons. They send 1-2 lessons every day through Facebook Messenger. This means you can learn English at no cost and from the comfort of your home by simply using your phone or computer! 

To sign up for free English lessons, click on the following link:  

How can I find Revolution English on social media?

You can also receive free English lessons through Revolution English Instagram and TikTok

The Revolution English creators, Yazmin and Rosella, teach you English by sharing information on basic vocabulary, how to order food, citizenship exam practice, and more! 

  • Instagram @revolution.english

The Revolution English Instagram account has over 250,000 followers and posts free English lessons weekly. To receive these free lessons, follow their Instagram account by clicking here

  • TikTok @revolutionenglish

Are you looking for a more interactive way to learn English? The Revolution English TikTok account has almost 800,000 followers and posts free English lessons weekly. You can interact with Yazmin and Rosella by commenting or dueting their videos to practice your English. To follow them on TikTok, click here

Where can I find additional resources to learn English for free?

USA Learns: is a website that offers free online classes with a teacher or independently. It also provides lessons to prepare for the citizenship test. They also offer a wide range of activities with videos, audio, pronunciation exercises, incorporation of new vocabulary, reading, and writing. 

Duolingo: Whether it’s the mobile app or the webpage, Duolingo allows you to determine your English level and quickly start practicing with different activities. The app’s creators calculate that with 100 hours, you can obtain an intermediate level of English. If you are interested in other languages, you can also learn and explore them with Duolingo. 

Libraries: For those looking for a more structured, face-to-face learning method, try going to your local library. Most libraries in the U.S. offer free or low-cost English lessons.

Mitzi Colin Lopez is a Digital Ads Content Creator and Experimenter at Noticias Para Inmigrantes. Her origin as a Mexican immigrant characterizes and drives her to empower the Latinx, Hispanic and immigrant communities. She is a recent graduate of West Chester University, where she obtained her bachelor’s in Political Science and Spanish. Her passions include social justice, advocacy, hiking, traveling, and weightlifting.