Learn English While You Sleep

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Did you know that you can improve your English while you sleep? Research shows that it’s possible! Follow these simple steps:

  1. One hour before you go to bed, listen to videos and songs with English words that you’ve already heard.
  2. Play the same video or songs while you sleep! Repeat it for the first 2 – 3 hours of sleep.
  3. When you wake, give yourself a quiz to test what you remember.

Listen to English and Spanish words here:

More details about the research study
The study was conducted by researchers from two Swiss universities. They wanted to know if the could improve people’s ability to learn a foreign language by exposing them to foreign words during sleep.

The researchers had conducted the study on two groups. Both group were given Dutch-to-German word pairs to learn at 10 pm. Then only one group fell asleep. For the next few hours both group listened to audio playback of the word pairs that they had practiced earlier.

At 2 am all the participants were tested to see how well they remembered the words. The researchers found a big difference. The participants who had heard the words while they were sleeping remembered the words much better!

You can read the article here: