Overcome obstacles to learning English!

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An obstacle is a challenge or barrier to your goal.

What obstacles do you have learning English?

  • No time?
  • Not motivated?
  • Afraid of making mistakes?

You are not alone. Many immigrants must overcome difficulties to learn English.

Nujeen is a young Syrian refugee girl with a disability who taught herself English. Let’s find out how she did it:

She says she learned English, “At home with my favorite TV show. It’s ‘Days of our Lives’ with Sammy and AJ’s struggles. Yeah, I love them both!”

Now practice with Nujeen. Watch the video, repeat the words that Nujeen says, and read the text below to follow along.

EJ: “You know there are some amazing people coming through that border. I read about this incredible 16 year old girl from Kobani, called Nujeen Mustafa.”

Sammy: “Najeem Mustafa?”

EJ: “Yes, Nujeem Mustafa.”

Sammy: “She’s our kind of people?”

EJ (nodding): “She’s our kind of people.”

“She’s our kind of people”  means they like her and see her as a good friend.

Now listen to what Nujeen says about facing challenges:

Practice your speaking skills by repeating her words:

“You are stronger than you look. You are going to do it and just enjoy the experience. You’re never going to go through this again.”