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How to Report a Car Theft – Level 3

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3. Watch the video:

4. Read the text:

How to report a car theft
Step 1
Consider whether your car may have been towed due to a parking violation or repossession. Check with the impound lot in the city where you last saw the vehicle to verify whether the car is there.
Step 2
Collect the following vehicle information for the theft report: year, make, model, body style, color, license plate number, vehicle identification number (VIN), value, and insurance carrier.
Step 3
File a written report with the local or state police in the municipality where the theft occurred.
Make the report only if you are the vehicle’s registered owner.
Step 4
Report the theft to your automobile insurance company online or by phone as soon as possible after filing the police report.
Step 5
Complete and rapidly return any forms, such as a vehicle theft questionnaire, that your insurance carrier requires.

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