Save! Get Things for Under Half the Normal Price: Clothing, Electronics, Furniture, and More

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If you have a Facebook account, then you probably use it for things like sharing life events with friends and family or finding recipes or getting your news. If you aren’t using Facebook Marketplace though, you could be missing out on one of the platform’s best features — buying and selling for a lot less. It’s like one big, ongoing yard sale, except you can browse on your cell phone or computer! Often you can find new, brand name items and you can also have them shipped to you from the seller, sometimes for free! Here’s how to navigate Facebook Marketplace to shop for affordable items and find great deals:

This article will answer the following questions about Facebook Marketplace:

How can I get started?

What kinds of items can I buy?

Can I sell items?

Is there anything to be cautious about?

How can I get started?

If you have a Facebook account, then you’re already halfway there! If you’re on a mobile device, you should see the Marketplace tab towards the bottom of your screen, depending on your facebook account the location can be different but in this picture it is the icon next to “News Feed”. 

You can choose an area around you with a custom radius to start browsing for items for sale in your area. Oftentimes these items are sold for much less than they were originally bought for and usually (but not always) sellers are open to negotiating the price, as long as it’s reasonable and respectful.

In the description of the item, the seller might disclose if the price is firm or if they are willing to negotiate. You will notice that in the Marketplace there are sellers who are regular people and others that are paid ads. The best deals are when you are buying directly from another person, not a company. Here is an example of an Ad located in Facebook Marketplace: 

What kinds of items can I buy?

You can buy items like clothing, electronics, home goods, and more! Once you’ve clicked into Marketplace on mobile, you will see a Categories button at the top of the screen and it will display the rest of the categories of items for sale, ranging from vehicles to jewelry to event tickets. 

Once you’ve spent enough time in Marketplace, Facebook will start to show you more and more of the items you most often browse for and will keep you updated on new items for sale. You can even save items and get updates on price drops and when the item has been sold.  

Can I also sell items?

Absolutely! On mobile, there is a Sell button at the top of the screen. 

Here’s what to do:

  1. Choose the category of the item you wish to sell. The options are: Items, Vehicles, Home for Sale or Rent, and Jobs. 
  2. Add a high-quality photo or multiple photos of your item.
  3. Fill out the Title, Price, Category (this is different from before), Condition, and Description.
  4. Choose if you want to hide the listing from your Facebook friends and choose if you want to allow comments on your listing.
  5. Add your location (users will only get a general description of where you are, not your exact location) and preferred delivery method. You can choose between a public meetup, door pickup, and door drop off. In some cases, you can ship the item. 
  6. Choose if you want your listing to be shown in any additional Facebook groups and publish.
  7. Now, you wait. Check your inbox and notifications often to see all incoming inquiries about your item for sale. 

Is there anything to be cautious about?

In most cases you shouldn’t have to share personal information such as phone numbers, addresses (unless you’re doing a home pickup), and payment information. When buying, using a traceable payment method is often safer, in the case that the seller is trying to scam you.

It’s always recommended to meet up in a public place and share your meetup plan with someone close to you. Always check out the buyer or seller’s Facebook profile to get an idea of who the person is and if they look like a real person. 

Avoid buying from anyone who isn’t local. The best way to ensure a fair transaction is to meet up with the buyer or seller in person to inspect the item or to ensure you have received payment. 

If you are dealing with someone who is disrespectful or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, it’s best to just avoid buying from or selling to this person. 

Here are more tips to buy and sell responsibly on Facebook

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