Having an Effective Meeting with Your Boss – Level 3

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Let’s continue practicing English for having an effective meeting with your boss.

1. Watch the video

2. Read the text

How to conduct an effective one-on-one conversation with your boss
Once you have a one-on-one conversation scheduled first on your boss’s calendar and after a little bit of small talk, you get to the agenda:

  1. Cover your most recent accomplishments
    • these are your most notable accomplishments since your last conversation with your boss
  2. Discuss a recent challenge and how you resolved it
    • it shows your boss that you are a leader, that you can handle challenges that inevitably come up in your career
  3. Reset expectations for your future advancement
    • just as you are delivering your part on your projects, on your performance to your boss, he/she also has to deliver to you on your next compensation adjustment, on your recognition, on your upcoming promotion, etc.

3. Take the quiz

Match the word with its meaning