Even If You Are Undocumented You Can Get Money For College – Level 3

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1. Watch the video:

If you or your parent/s are undocumented, you can apply for and receive state aid in California! If you are the student and are undocumented, you may still be eligible for some state financial aid depending on which state you live in. To find out more about different state regulations for undocumented students attending college click here:
More information and additional resources such as scholarships for undocumented students can be found in the following links:
Let’s continue practicing English to finance for college.
2. Read the text:

The college application process where you don’t have a social security.
I kind of had an idea that I was undocumented.
So I kept looking and looking for scholarships, and then, you know…
An email, just because of my status, that was available to me.
If it goes through, then, you know, they help pay for my entire Bachelor’s degree.
That was pretty much it- I kind of went for it and I got it.