Relaxing Your Mind – Level 3

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3. Watch the video:

4. Read the text

8 relaxation tips to help you look after your wellbeing
1) Take a break
Take some time away from your normal routines or task

2) Focus on your breathing
Learning to breathe more deeply can make you feel a lot calmer and increase your sense of wellbeing

3) Listen to music
Listen to your favourite songs. Turn it up and dance or sing along

4) Picture yourself in a relaxing place
Think of somewhere relaxing and peaceful

5) Try active relaxation
Relaxation doesn’t have to mean sitting still

6) Use a guided relaxation exercise
Meditation exercises are widely available, and lots of them are free to use

7) Get creative
Getting in touch with your artistic side can help you feel more calm and relaxed

8) Spend time in nature
Spending time outside and in green spaces can be great for your physical and mental wellbeing
5. Take the quiz
Select the correct answer based on the video