How to Ride a Train – Level 3

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3. Watch the video:

4. Read the text:

Lauren can save time and money by taking the train to work.
She’s gotten a copy of the train schedule nearest her home and is checking the train times.

At the station, Lauren purchases a round-trip ticket from the ticket-vending machine. The machine’s user-friendly menu takes her through all the steps.

You can save money with a monthly pass. Others discounts are available, too.

Some stations have monitors. The monitor tells her that the train will arrive in 10 minutes. Right on schedule.

Lauren is careful to avoid the gap between the platform and train while boarding.

The conductor punches her ticket, and she’s on her way. If your train is very crowded, you might try taking an earlier or later one.

Lauren arrives at her destination relaxed and ready to start her day.

5. Take the quiz
Match the picture to its term