Use these phrases at work!

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During your break, start a conversation with a co-worker. Ask them, “How’s it going?”

Try these questions, to start a conversation:

How was your weekend?
Things are busy today! How are you holding up?
Traffic was really bad today! Do you know why?
Do you have children? How old are they?
Do you watch soccer (or another sport)? What’s your team?

You can also ask your friend, “How are things?” or ask about their family member, like in this video:

Do you want to learn more phrases and questions? Watch the full episode of this show. Turn on [CC] and read the words!

After you watch the show, ask a co-worker:

“Do you watch Superstore? Did you see the one about the health fair? What other shows do you watch?”

Watch more episodes of Superstore, and practice the phrases you hear with your co-workers!

You spend many hours at work, so it is a great place to practice English.