The Big Rocks

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Here’s a great story with lots of words to learn. Read through it and click on the blue cards below to learn the words and phrases you don’t know.

Aquí hay una gran historia con muchas palabras para aprender. Léalo y haga clic en las tarjetas azules de abajo para aprender las palabras y frases que no conoce.

The Big Rocks

One day, a teacher started her lesson with 2 large, empty jars in front of her.

In the first one, she put a few large rocks in, then some small pebbles, and then she put some sand in to fill the empty spaces. The jar was full.

In the other jar, she put the sand in first, then the smaller rocks, and when she tried to put the big rocks in, they didn’t fit.

She then asked her students if they learned anything from the demonstration.

A few students didn’t quite understand the point of the lesson but finally, one student said, “It’s a metaphor for life. If you don’t prioritize the big things, you won’t be able to fit them in. Start with the big rocks and everything else will fill in around them.”

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