Turn on closed captions while you watch TV

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Closed captions are like subtitles. They show all of the dialogue from the TV show or movie that you are watching at the bottom of the screen. This way you can read and listen at the same time and better understand what is happening.

Are you planning to watch TV tonight?


Want to learn English at the same time?


Turn on closed captioning.


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For digital Set-Top Box with digital cable service:

Using Navigator™:

  1. Press the SETTINGS button on your remote.
  2. Scroll left or right to the Quick Settings category.
  3. Scroll down to select the Closed Captioning option and press SELECT.
  4. Scroll up or down to highlight On, On with Mute, or Off and press SELECT.

Using i-Guide:

  1. With your Set-Top Box currently on, push the POWER button on your Set-Top Box to turn it off.
  2. Immediately—within one second—push the MENU button on your remote. You should see a User Settings menu screen displayed.
  3. Use the arrows keys on the remote to highlight the Closed Caption option and press OK or SELECT on your remote to toggle Enable/Disable.
  4. Power on the Set-Top Box to return to watching TV.

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  1. While TV is ON, turn cable box OFF
  2. On the remote control, immediately press “MENU” button once or twice after turning off the cable box
  3. Using Up/Down buttons or arrows, highlight “CLOSED CAPTION”
  4. Using Left/Right buttons or arrows, press “CLOSED CAPTION: ENABLED”
  5. Press “OK/SELECT”
  6. When done, press “POWER” to exit menu
  7. Press “”POWER”” again to turn cable box on


Now you can read what they are saying.


Repeat what they are saying.


Pause and rewind if you have to.


When you watch TV AND repeat the words, you will learn English faster.


If you need more directions about turning on Closed Captions, here are online resources for common cable providers:

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Xfinity – Spanish

Direct TV – English
Direct TV – Spanish

Time Warner Cable – English
Time Warner Cable – Spanish

Charter Communications – English

On your TV (no cable)
En el televisor (sin cable)

Dish Network – English video
Dish Network – Spanish

Netflix & all other devices
Netflix y todos los demás dispositivos

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