Writing an Effective Formal Email – Level 3

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3. Watch the video:

4. Read the text:

Writing an Effective Business Email
Email has developed a unique style and structure. All business emails should be direct, clear and easy to read. The formality of your writing, however, can vary. Remember to stay professional. Make sure you choose your words carefully.

    When it comes to the subject line, you want it to be brief and descriptive.
    Every email needs at least one recipient, but if you’re including multiple recipients, consider using the CC or Carbon Copy field.
    Make your greeting brief and friendly, and address the recipient by name if you know it.
    In the body of your email, start with your main points so it’s easy to find, and keep your writing concise and focused on your readers.
    As you reach the ending, offer a quick farewell such as “Thanks” or “Sincerely”, then give your name and contact information.

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